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My daily mantra: I am finding the stillness within me.

Welcome to My Own little World via ms-wood'sworld. This blog is made up of things/images/songs that I love and/or like. You will also find personal pieces, poetry, and short stories written by me. They can be easily accessed by using the drop down menu below. There are blog posts that I have also written my thoughts on, but I haven't tagged them...they're random posts at best.
I don't follow everyone back, so if you're expecting that, you might be disappointed. Here are a few reasons why I may not follow you, 1) You post porn, 2) Your blog closely resembles other blogs I follow, 3) Your blog doesn't offer enough variety to enhance my own blog.
I don't claim ownership of all of the images I blog. If I've uploaded something and didn't give it proper credit, please let me know so that I can either rectify or remove said image.

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“Tell me,
will the night cup you in his hand
until you can go to sleep?
Will he comb his fingers
through your hair and maybe
pull it a little, or a little more?
Will the night find your neck
with his mouth in the dark?
Will he find himself a new way
to use you between the legs
before daylight ends you both?
If you can’t tell me yes,
then let me be your night.
Let me be your night tonight.”

Peregrine (via youreyesblazeout)

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“If breathing weren’t a necessity, I’d probably never stop kissing you.”

Connotativewords | jl | Lungs (via connotativewords)

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“She was 3/4 perfection and 1/4 broken glass.”

Jonathan Carroll (via squeasel)

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self-portraits by noell s. oszvald

With a shadowy and highly conceptual aesthetic, like the images of dreams upon awakening, Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald presents powerful, surreal self-portraits rich in sentiment and composition. At 22-years-old her portfolio, although small, holds the sophistication of a photographer who has been established for years. Her photographic eye is sensational as she manages to capture the purity of a simple composition, allowing herself and her surroundings to be reduced to the relations between geometric shapes and planar backdrops. All of this is accented by her conscious resistance to color, electing instead for a monochromatic palette that allows her viewers to find their own meaning and interpretation. “I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images. This is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”

text by Algernon Felice Jr

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By Alex Lebedev


By Alex Lebedev

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Consider the white space
between words on a page, not just
the margins around them.

Or the space between thoughts:
instants when the mind is inventing
exactly what it thinks

and the mouth waits
to be filled with language.
Consider the space

between lovers after a quarrel,
the white sheet a cold metaphor
between them.

Now picture the brief space
before death enters, hat in hand:
vanishing years, filled with light.

Linda Pastan, “Consider the Space Between Stars,” The Paris Review (no. 210, Fall 2014)

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 Man Ray - Lingerie, 1931.


 Man Ray - Lingerie, 1931.

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50 Beautiful Feather Tattoo Designs | CudedClick to check a cool blog!Source for the post: Click


50 Beautiful Feather Tattoo Designs | Cuded

Click to check a cool blog!

Source for the post: Click

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I’ve grown…

I’ve grown…